Dan Hurt Discusses Fractional Management and How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Dan Hurt

August 23, 2021

Dan Hurt Discusses Fractional Management and HoYour Business Grow

Dan Hurt discusses fractional management and how it can help businesses grow.

Fractional sales roles are becoming increasingly popular, and it may have to do with COVID-19. Fractional sales management expert Dan Hurt recently discussed how fractional management is becoming more popular and could save many businesses during these pandemic and post-pandemic times.

“Businesses have really struggled throughout the pandemic, and many staff members have been laid off,” Dan Hurt said. “Unfortunately, we can expect this trend to continue. Fractional management allows individuals to be engaged in one business on a part-time schedule. This opens them up to the opportunity of working multiple companies at once.”

Hurt explained that we may see fractional sales, management, and other positions stick around after the pandemic has passed. Many companies are finding it beneficial to employ certain aspects of their team part-time while allowing them to pursue positions with other companies as well.

“At first, being placed in a fractional role may seem like a disadvantage, but we’ve seen a lot of managers and executives pursuing this route,” Dan Hurt said. “Savvy sales people or executives may opt for such roles as it can provide adequate pay without the demanding nine-to-five schedule.”

Hurt stated that individuals may pursue fractional roles, because these short-term positions can help them broaden their skill sets while providing additional income. They can also provide opportunities to work in new sectors. However, the primary reason industries are seeing executives and managers turn to fractional roles is for the flexibility in the work routine. Fractional management allows workers a healthier and more enjoyable work-life balance.

“Work-life balance is something many executives strive to improve in their personal lives,” Dan Hurt said. “However, it can be nearly impossible to achieve if you’re working nine-to-five in a corporate atmosphere.”

Hurt explained that many managers, sales people, and executives value the ability to work from home and enjoy more flexible working hours. They also appreciate the ability to learn and use different skill sets, rather than using the same skill set every day for the same position.

“Fractional sales and management can help your business succeed in multiple ways,” Hurt said. “You’ll notice that employees who work this way are often more productive, they’re more driven, and they’re happier in their positions. You’ll likely see much less turnaround with managers who work fractionally.”

Hurt concluded that it has been proven that fractional workers tend to make immediate and impactful contributions to the company. That’s exactly what is needed to turn many businesses around after the difficulties faced by the COVID-19 pandemic.