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is a Cloud Computing and Small Business Consultant

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Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Dan Hurt is a cloud consultant by day and a family man by night. In the early 2000s, Dan Hurt became interested in computers and decided to start playing around with some friends and building computers. Eventually, that playing around became his passion. Before he knew it, Dan Hurt had built his first computer in his Dad's home office. The passion continues to grow and Dan went on to get his degree in Computer Science. After school Hurt got his first job at a tech company. He has made a few moves and continued to grow his knowledge set and the rest is history as they say. Now close to 20 + years later Dan Hurt still resides in Fort Lauderdale Florida with his wife Janet and son Michael Hurt.

When he is not up in the clouds working, you can find Dan at Micheal Hurt's sporting events all across Miami / Dade. Dan decided to start this blog to celebrate some of his proudest moments as now he sees time is flying by.

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Dan Hurt Discusses Fractional Management and HoYour Business Grow
August 23, 2021

Dan Hurt Discusses Fractional Management and How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Dan Hurt discusses fractional management and how it can help businesses grow. Fractional sales roles are becoming increasingly popular, and it may have to do with COVID-19. Fractional sales management expert Dan Hurt recently discussed how fractional management is becoming more popular and could save many businesses during these pandemic and post-pandemic times. “Businesses have […]

Dan Hurt Examines Cloud Innovations for 2021
August 20, 2021

Dan Hurt Examines Cloud Innovations for 2021

Dan Hurt has worked with many businesses over the years, particularly those requiring high-quality cloud computing processes. In 2021, he believes that the following innovations will help companies utilizing cloud storage mediums in the future. These unique options will become more widespread soon, so make sure you research them before integrating them into your operation. […]

Daniel Michael Hurt
January 28, 2021

Dan Hurt Talks About Getting Started With The Cloud

Dan Hurt Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Ninety percent of companies use some type of cloud computing service, states Dan Hurt. This article will help the other ten percent get started and educate each individual on getting invested themselves.   You don’t need to start by moving your entire organization onto the cloud. Start by choosing […]

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