Dan Hurt Examines Cloud Innovations for 2021

Dan Hurt

August 20, 2021

Dan Hurt Examines Cloud Innovations for 2021

Dan Hurt has worked with many businesses over the years, particularly those requiring high-quality cloud computing processes. In 2021, he believes that the following innovations will help companies utilizing cloud storage mediums in the future. These unique options will become more widespread soon, so make sure you research them before integrating them into your operation.

Cloud Innovations Dan Hurt Thinks Will Matter This Year

In 2021, Dan Hurt believes that a handful of innovations will transform the environment and make it a better and more successful one. First, he believes that Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) will become more significant than ever. This concept is one that Dan Hurt knows may not be fully understood by many people because it is still so relatively new to the market.

In essence, it means that your cloud data is examined using various methods to help spot potential issues. The zero-trust concept is one that Dan Hurt appreciates. Instead of relying on passwords or other types of protection, this method trusts no sites or access points until they can prove they are on the level. Dan Hurt appreciates this concept for a handful of different reasons.

First, Dan believes this approach helps streamline your access by making it impossible for anybody to hack you. This protection goes beyond the masking done by VPN options and, instead, makes your network impossible to access without the right factors. And your program will automatically check into these elements to ensure that they pass, cutting back on waiting times.

Just as importantly, Dan Hurt also believes that the serverless concept will take off more in 2021. This concept has been in play since 2004 and allows you to minimize your access points by not using a server. Instead, DanĀ  states that this method uses enhanced online architecture that not only provides safer and more innovative access but cuts back on your hacking risk as well.

How does this method work? Dan states that it requires the use of concepts like a trusted execution environment or TEE. TEE is a secure area within a CPU or a computer that protects your data and keeps it safe from hackers. Access is denied whenever anybody tries to get to your data without using the proper keys, which can only be assigned from a particular computer storage area.

These new security concepts are things that Dan Hurt believes will push forward cloud computing even further. As the cloud becomes more and more critical in a post-COVID-19 world, Dan Hurt anticipates that more people will begin using these concepts. Doing so will help cut back on their cost investment and ensure that they are satisfied with their level of protection.